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The building world is a magnificent place, full of countless options for almost anything you want to do, man-made creations as beautiful and stunning as nature itself leading to some astonishing pieces of art. Architecture has decided to take on a field trip with technology leading the world into men’s mind set to solve problems without forgetting aesthetics as the main reason to build a neat house. That’s what happened with home siding this 2018. This year is full with the best siding options that we’ve ever had, now if you’re really interested on knowing what’s in stored with those different siding options then read on, because we’ve only top of top siding styles in the wall siding market just for you, from quality cement siding to stone siding, steel siding and more!


Top solution for home siding.

Among all those different siding options around the world of exterior siding it is totally normal to feel tented to try vinyl siding since it is one of the cheapest and easiest siding installation in the market. However this exterior house siding can become a double–edged sword since where it can help you solve your exterior siding need it may as well get too expensive with time.

Danger among your walls.

Vinyl siding  is not really the best exterior siding among all the different siding options because it doesn’t last too long in hot weather, and let’s not even mention it is highly flammable. So if you live near to forests where fire is common you might think twice before getting this kind of house siding, in addition vinyl siding releases toxic gases when burning so people caught in fire with this wall sidings may die before firefighters get to the place.


Alternatives to vinyl siding

After 2 or 3 years have passed from your vinyl siding installation it will start to melt down naturally, specially if there are LOW windows on your house or the house next. These windows are built to reflect heat energy from the sun in order to avoid your house getting heat up, helping you to get an energy efficient house. However all these heat gets reflected upon your house siding leaving you with a vinyl exterior house siding melted down. If you are not aware of this problem you may end up with countless siding repairs. If you have vinyl you better start thinking about getting a new siding. Alternatives to vinyl siding are countless, you can always find a siding style that is way more energy efficient and environmental friendly. You only need to go out there and buy siding that will match your needs.

When technology get its way into home-siding.

The IBS convection in Orlando has introduced some of the nicest wall siding in the market straight out of the hands of the best exterior siding manufacturers in the world  these home sidings are perfect to avoid those annoying water filtrations that end up in countless siding repairs. From the house of CertainTeed ® comes this new stone siding called Stone Facade ® a new way of stone siding perfect for those looking for a rustic exterior siding. What will convince you to buy siding like this, is that stones come attached to a single panel with a rail that fast them to the walls, leaving a gap between the wall of about a ¼”, perfect for a quick siding installation and avoiding siding repair from water leaking thus all the water from rains fall down the gap straight to the floor.


The HardiePlank ® siding.

One of the best alternatives to vinyl siding out there is without a doubt the HardiePlank ® a cement siding perfect for your house and what makes it one of the best siding out there is their longevity since it can last almost forever. And you don’t have to worry about color or anything like that, got tired of that old beige in your house? Don’t mind painting and repainting as much as you want since this cement siding will let you paint it without problems. HardiePlank ® is an eco-friendly alternative for your siding styles, it is also highly resistant against hail or hot weather, making it one of the best siding to those looking for a energy efficient solution for your exterior house siding.


Wood siding or steel siding. That is the question.

When it comes to wood or steel, it is hard to decide which could be the best exterior siding for your house. That’s why here we will compare both of them. Just for you.


The Drift® of wood siding.

Drift ® by Thermory © is a brand new siding material, that gives you top quality aesthetics of reclaimed wood with no side effects. No annoying bugs eating out your wood, no rotting with time. Just quality treated wood with a unique style. As Thermory © says: “Drift ® urges you to let your hair down and think bigger”. This home siding will definitely change the way you see wood siding.

The Ply Gem Steel Siding. ®

One of the best exterior sidings out there, top 2018 technology make this siding styles one of the most weather resistant homes sidings. Steel nature characteristics is to repel weather, making your house the most energy efficient in the neighborhood. But what is so good about Ply Gem Steel Siding®? Well, that’s an easy question. With this siding there are no color restrictions. Mind for a pink house, maybe black or hard green is your style? Ply Gem Steel Siding is your choice, all their popping colors are surely going to blow your mind.

It’s your choice.

Making choices is always difficult there’s no way to decide for sure which is the best exterior siding, but we hope this little guide will help you make the best choice to avoid mistakes when you set yourself to buy siding. Keep in mind the materials you want and their resistance to the most common weather in your region.