Looking for the best roofing choices? When it comes to construction matters, many question haunts us: “which ending fits the best with my walls? Should I use roof shingles or roof tiles? Do these tiles match with the wood from the columns?  Is it better if I do it myself, or should I call someone else to do it?” These questions can get in our minds, specially if we are new to whole construction world. But there’s no need to keep doubting, let’s make good choices without any kind of regret or repent. Here we will get your american roofing problem solved the best way there is.


Should I do this roofing thing myself?

Whether you want a new roof or you’re simply going to do a roof fix from your mamma’s old house, you might start to wonder: “how hard could it be, right?” Well roofing can be hard. Let’s remember we’re talking heights here. The 3rd most common reason on construction fatalities come from people falling off from rooves. Roofing means preparation. To properly roof you are going to need the right equipment: a harness, a security line attached to the ridge, a stage with safety rails around it. Whoever if going to roof, needs to be protected, and this equipment tends to be expensive. Think of how much money you will expend on the equipment and the materials needed, and let’s not talk about the whole risk of it, roofing specialist not only count with the proper equipment but with the expertise to get your house roof on top with minor inconvenient.

Roof Shingles, the hope.


Roof shingles are a special technique to cover roof using rectangular shaped material laid in courses from bottom edge to the roof up. These shingles are overlapped one on top of the other, in order to get a unique ending proper to American style houses. Shingles give your house a nice aesthetic since they are highly visible. They provide your house with a subtle touch of texture, color and pattern which can lead you to customize your roof any way you want, some of them really artistic plus they are great to avoid leaking roof. Shingles are made of different kinds of materials such as: fiberglass-asphalt roofing shingle, organic-asphalt roofing shingles, flagstones, metal and plastic.


The best roof shingles?

Looking for a roof replacement but you’re not sure which is the best roof shingle for you? There are many kinds of shingles out there, each one special and unique. They come in different prices and can be really cheap as really expensive. Some are easier to install and other takes a professional workmanship but worry no more, here we will compare the quality and longevity of your shingles.


·         Plastic shingles:

Definitely the cheapest type of them all, they are meant to imitate other shingle style. Their installation is cheap but don’t last too much. Plus they represent fire hazard.



·         Asphalt roof shingle:

Mid-range shingles, they last over 20 to 50 years. During rains water tends to wear the natural oils of these shingles and creates channels complex which end up exposing the nail head and leaking roof then appears. In order to avoid this fault paper should be installed beneath the Shingles.


·         Metal Roofing Shingle:

Great longevity, specially resistant against strong winds. The best option to get your house roof with a metal roofing, perfect for zones with fire hazard.

·         Stone Shingle:

Without a doubt the best choice to give your house roof a beautiful look with architectural roof shingles. These shingles can last up to 500 years and they can be recycled to another building.


Choosing the best roof shingle for you!

So now you know, all your choices out there for your house roofing. Metal roofing perfect for you if you live in a zone where you must avoid fire hazards, plastic shingles if you are looking for a quick and cheap roof replacement. Roofing specialist will sure advice you to go for stone architectural shingle if you want not only a beautiful roof but a zero leaking roof. You only only need to choose your roofing specialist to get your roof replacement ready to rumble. If you want to avoid roof repair in the future have no doubt to go with wood or asphalt shingles, they relatively affordable and with a mid range longevity. However if you want your new roof last as much as it can, avoiding roof fix and roof leak try thinking about roofing tiles.

The tile world.

Roofing is not all about shingles, and roofing specialists know this. In fact shingles happen to be a new trend in the roofing business and it is popular mostly in the american roofing. Roofing tiles are a more popular roofing system around the world, specially if you want to avoid a leaking roof. Tiles are a roofing system proven to be extent of tedious roof repairs, in fact most contractors give you a 50 year warranty. Tiles are a Spanish-language roofing technique consisting on concrete roof tiles or clay roof tiles overlapped to provide protection. Their special curved shape makes them extra effective against leaks, so there will be no roof leak repair for a good time plus their special shape avoid any unwanted cold or heat out of your home. But that’s not all, they are the best fight against architectural shingles because their aesthetically is just on top.

My kind of tile.


Several kinds of roofing tiles hover over your mind when you want to choose one for your own, and all of them seem good for you but just need to make sure. Worry no more, this is the right place. Tiles are known for being heavy and utterly cracking our rooves, although many buildings are nowadays strong enough to support tiles you might come to the case where your is not; let not there be fear! Plastic tiles are what you need. Easy, light and cheap, yet beautiful.

But if you’re just the old fashioned guy and you know your house is ready for anything you throw at it, you’re gonna need to decide concrete roof tiles or clay roof tiles. Clay roof tiles represent a earth friendly alternative since they are made essentially out of dirt, great resistance against fires and strong winds and adds a beautiful terracotta color to your house. Concrete roof tiles on the other hand are better to absorb water with an efficiency of 13% thanks to its rugged surface not only that but they are your best choice against the winter. Total hail resistance.

Roofing Contractors’ amazing world.

Deciding the best Roofing Contractors is an essential choice not only to your pocket, but to your house and family. First let’s talk about our needs; roofing contractors tend to specialize their works: some are better when it comes to roof shingles, others get the best out of roof tiles, some will give you the best new roof in town, others are the best for roof repair and roof fix. Roofing services’ world is very diverse, for that reason it is best to sit down and research what we need so we can call one of the best roofing companies in the market to get our job done

How to choose one of the different roofing companies.

Once you know which roofing services you need, choosing your roofing contractor shouldn’t be that hard. Be aware of the following to make sure your roofing companies are not only the best out there, but the most faithful:

  • How long has it been in service?

Established companies tend to be around in the market for more than 3 or 4 years. That will ensure they will be there for you in the future.

  • Do they use subcontractors?

Whether they’re a roof shingles or roof tiles company, if they use subcontractors it means they pay their workers per jobs. Might be a faster work, but sure it is a poor workmanship.

  • Do they require deposit?

Companies with a good economic stability will not ask you for a deposit. This is mostly common with start-ups, however beware of those companies that ask more than 1/3 of the final amount.


Sit and wait.

We started this journey without knowing what was best for us, we went through all of our options from classic american roofing and its shingles or Spanish roofing and its tiles; we chose the one that fit the most to our unique needs and here we are. Right now professional workers are on the roof getting our roofing services done while you enjoy yourself with a nice iced tea, knowing deep inside you have made the best choice you could. Your roof is safe, your family is safe… and of course your pocket is safe. Remember that a good inversion at the right moment can save you from losing tons of money in the future. A cold head can take you to amazing places… in the end, shingles or tiles your house is tight.